About Us

Intersecond: turning clothing donations into charity donations, unwanted textiles into the vital funding for charitable organisations

Intersecond is a young company with a strong business drive and sound business ethics.


  • organises bags collections to pick up used or unwanted clothes that can be sold to generate a regular and reliable source of funding for the charity organisations that we partner.
  • was formed in February 2006 and is a UK registered company* based in Tilbury, Essex. Our company is a member of the London Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a member of Fundraising Standards Board and a registered carrier and broker of controlled waste at Environment Agency**
  • is the authorised charity bags distributor for HEART UK The Cholesterol charity, the Colostomy UK, Nedelsk, a cancer charity based and registered in Lithuania, and Mercy Ships UK, a global medical Stevenage based charity.
  • is committed to the best practice in fundraising and textiles reuse.

Raising money for charity using second hand clothes

Our work with Nedelsk is currently focused on the Do not delay! Project, which aims to raise money to increase access to breast cancer screening in Lithuania. Lithuanian women have one of the highest rates of death from breast cancer in Europe and the Do Not Delay project is working to improve screening to catch the disease earlier. Diagnosis in the early stages of breast cancer means more women live longer.

As from June 2010, we are proud to fundraise through the door-to-door collections of unwanted clothing for Mercy Ships UK. Mercy Ships operates the largest charity hospital ship in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to some of the world’s poorest countries. This “floating hospital” is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, who give their expertise for free to help treat dental and eye problems, cleft lips and palates, tumours, club feet, childbirth injuries, burns and a variety of other conditions.

As from January 2013, we are also a proud fundraiser for HEART UK The Cholesterol charity who is raising awareness about the risk of high cholesterol, campaining for better detection of those at risk, funding research into improved treatments, supporting health professional training and promoting healthier lifestyles.

As from March 2015, we are also a proud fundraiser for Colostomy UK who represents the interests of people with a colostomy, provides support, reassurance and practical information to anyone who has or is about to have a colostomy. The charity strives to raise awareness of what it’s like to have a stoma and what it means to live with a colostomy and by doing this, the charity hopes to address the general lack of public knowledge.

Intersecond organises bags collections of clothing donations from around the UK. The clothing is then stored at our warehouse in Tilbury and sent out in lorry loads to Eastern Europe, where it is sold.

Our sponsored charities receive funds without any hassle of organising and running door-to-door collections and without any risk or investment.

How we collect second hand clothes

Intersecond has a committed workforce to deliver charity bags and collect them once they have been filled with donations of clothes. UK-wide bag collections are in progress during most of the year.

“We are happy to accept any clothes, linen, curtains and shoes – in an OK condition. We do find that sometimes people put in unpaired shoes, broken toys or worn out clothes. Sorting and disposal takes time and resources – so we are grateful to the many people who put in good quality used clothes and look on our bag collections as a clothes recycling activity”.

Raimondas Biguzas, Director of Intersecond Ltd

Intersecond handles all aspects of collecting second hand clothes for charity organisations. This includes producing, designing and printing charity bags. With the environment in mind, all our collection bags are now biodegradable.

*Registration number 05713257 **Registration number CB/VE5702XQ

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