1. What should I do if I missed a collection?

Please contact us on 0344 879 4417 and we will try to arrange the collection of your donation bag for a convenient day.  Collections for “Do Not Delay!” Project can also be booked online:  Thank you for your support!

2. Is Intersecond a charity?

Intersecond Ltd is not a charity, but works in cooperation with charities. At the moment, our Partner charities are:

HEART UK is a UK cholesterol charity (registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (registered number 1003904) and as a company limited by guarantee with the Registrar of Companies (registered company number 02631049). HEART UK is an acronym. It stands for Hyperlipidaemia, Education, Atherosclerosis, and Research Trust UK. HEART UK is here for anyone affected by raised cholesterol. HEART UK brings people together, provide information, support, education and campaign for improved identification & standards of care.

Colostomy UK is a registered charity (number 1113471) and a company limited by guarantee (company number 05623273).  The Colostomy Association represents the interests of people with a colostomy, provides support, reassurance and practical information to anyone who has or is about to have a colostomy. The charity strives to raise awareness of what it’s like to have a stoma and what it means to live with a colostomy and by doing this, the charity hopes to address the general lack of public knowledge.  The ultimate goal of the charity is to champion issues that affect colostomates, their families and their carers.

Nedelsk, a charity in Lithuania (registered no. 124013046). Intersecond Ltd is the appointed agent in the UK for Nedelsk and is responsible for collecting unwanted clothing, to be sold in support of the “Do Not Delay” project. This is an important project that provides information and screenings for women in Lithuania, to help prevent breast cancer.

Mercy Ships UK is an international charity organization (company number 3147724 (England & Wales) Registered Charity No 1053055 / A Charity Registered in Scotland SCO39743). The UK Office, based in Stevenage, is part of a global network of offices whose mission is to raise awareness and support for the work of Mercy Ships through fundraising, volunteer recruitment and the procurement of materials and services. Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Following the example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilising people and resources worldwide.

3. I get so many bags/leaflets/stickers, how do you expect me to donate to all of them?

We are aware that some households receive many collection bags/leaflets/stickers from different charities and organizations. We understand that it is impossible to donate to all. Please do not feel any commitment to donate or any frustration if you cannot or do not wish to donate. This is not compulsory, it is absolutely voluntary and totally up to you who you wish to support. If you do not wish to donate any cloth, please feel free to use our collection bags for your household needs (please bear in mind that our bags are biodegradable and would not harm the environment).

 4. Are companies allowed to use the breast-cancer “pink ribbon” symbol? Can any company use the pink symbol in its advertising literature, or is the symbol protected by law?

The pink ribbon is an international symbol used to raise funds for research and spread awareness about breast cancer. No one ‘owns’ the symbol, however some companies can create their ‘own’ version of the pink ribbon and they will own that version. There is no international ‘law’ that ‘protects’ any of the dozens of ribbons established for diseases, conditions, or causes. (With one exception, Canada may be the only country that ‘protects’ the pink ribbon for charitable puposes).

Incidentally the pink ribbon was first established by a business woman (Evelyn Lauder of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company) whose intent was to spread awareness by getting the business community involved, which is why you see so many companies promoting pink for breast cancer.


5. Do your workers speak English?

People of different nationalities work for us; some of them speak very good English, some of them have very limited English language skills. However, if you have any questions or comments about our work, collections or our sponsored charities, please feel free to contact us on 0344 879 4417 and our friendly office staff will be glad to help.

 6. Is it possible to arrange a collection from my home?

Yes. If you missed a collection day or simply wish to arrange a collection of your unwanted clothing from your house, please contact us on 0344 879 4417 and we will try to arrange it for a convenient day.  You can also book it online:  Thank you for your support!

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