Our Bags

All of the charities bags and sticky labels used by Intersecond Ltd for its used clothes collections are designed to provide clear information to donors to tell them exactly what the collection is for. We want to make sure people know that their clothing donations will only be used to fund worthwhile, bona fide charities.

Intersecond Ltd works with charitable organisations to get the wording exactly right; we also handle all collections litterature production, delivery and collection of the charities bags. This means that charities do not have to spend precious time and resources on its bags collections but they can still benefit from the income that they bring in.

As a part of our commitment to the environment, we are now also using environment friendly fully recyclable sticky labels for Mercy Ships UK and HEART UK collections. The label provides clear information and instructions on how to use it: just attach it to your own bag with clothing and leave it outside on a clear view at the collection day.

We also display the design of the text printed on all our collections litterature so that members of the public can check that the litterature they have been given for second hand clothes was really from us.

If you doubt the authenticity of a bag or a sticky label received, we are always happy to provide reassurance by phone or email.

Do Not Delay! plastic bag

HEART UK plastic bag

*Intersecond Ltd, the name and the logo, are the Registered Trademark. Prior written consent is required from the Trademark proprietor (Intersecond Ltd) for the use of the above in whole or any parts of it.

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